As a blacksmith I can offer truly unique items because I use traditional forging techniques. In my shop I am equipped with a coal forge capable of heating steel to temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit making it malleable enough for me to form it under my hammer. This means that each piece I produce is individually crafted and one of a kind.  


Custom furniture projects are one of my favorite things to work on in my shop. In all of my furniture pieces I incorporate a variety of materials with hand forged steel. I pair forged steel with stone, wood, glass, and other metals to create furniture with layers of texture and detail. I regularly source wood slabs for table tops and I often incorporate reclaimed wood and stone into my work as well.   


While the blacksmith was traditionally a practical trade I like to incorporate my fine arts education into the craft of blacksmithing to create works of art that are substantial and durable. I enjoy producing sculptural work for my customers whether it is a stand alone art work or incorporated into a functional piece as a decorative element. I tend towards organic forms in my art forging plants and experimenting with texture but I will gladly work with my customers to make their vision a reality in forged steel.


I can offer a wide variety of ornamental ironwork for interior and exterior settings. Projects such as railings, gates, fences, and arbors will be made to fit the customers specifications and aesthetic. I am happy to accommodate projects large and small and in any style. 



A great deal of the work that passes through my shop is historical reproduction and repair. I specialize in the reproduction of colonial American hardware such as strap hinges, dead bolts, latches, fireplace cranes, shutter stays, and just about anything else you could think of in the vein of colonial ironwork. My clients have supplied me with period pieces of wrought iron hardware which I have copied for historical buildings and I can forge hardware with consistency in bulk for large building restoration projects. I also offer authentic repairs for antique ironwork.  


Along with custom forge work I also offer welding services out of my shop. I can accommodate fabrication projects and welding repair projects including cast iron weld repairs.